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I have been super dead which is okay because I don't mind! (: But I figured I should leave a little something for the, like, five people who care about my whereabouts!
I think it goes without saying; Merry Christmas! If you're into that sort of thing, I mean. Other than that, happy new years (We all know you're into that, you little drunky), and happy birthday to me! In January I'll be aging another year. Yay, oldness. But the best part is my present.

A wig.
It's sort of ridiculous, I know. But I figured, hey, why damage my hair to hell and back when I can just buy something to stick on my head which will ultimately look prettier, anyway? Also I don't ever really need to do my hair, except for when I need to buy a new one. Anyway, that's a lot of fun, I'm super excited. GURL, THAT WEATHER BE HAVIN' WEAVE SNATCHIN' ABILITIES.

So yeah!
I'll maybe kinda be posting again soon. I COULD write poetry until I get a camera, which will be decades from now it seems.. but.. well.. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. (:
So here we are!
If anyone's reading this, the password is "potato yarn".   ;_;  The seagull will know what it means.


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HELLO! I am Henry! Well. Not really. I just put that on the title page, because I like it. HENRRREEEEHHH. Anyway. So. I like cats, and stuff. Mostly I like spending time with The Nicholas, the most wonderful man I've ever had the privilege to meet. But fuck off, he's a better artist than me. I'll probably upload some of his stuff onto here.
I am mostly here, because people have bothered me for ages about getting involved in modeling. I don't mind, because I love it. Which makes it weird that I said "Bothered". But oh well. They ENCOURAGED it. And so I did. I don't have a professional camera, unfortunately. But I'm working on it! Enjoy this stuff for now!

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Thank you, we reported it, and the vet is backing us, but we cant really do anything without seeing it happen

we are protecting the young ones...we still own.
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